What is Thin Content?

What is Thin Content?

What is Thin Content?

There are many businesses and individuals these days that use a professional content writer for websites, blogs, and other materials. The reason behind this is that having quality content that is engaging and useful to the reader is vital, particularly given the stiff competition faced by most industries. In years gone by, many people used to produce low-quality content to put online simply to rank for keywords. However, as we all know search engine giants like Google have really clamped down on this.

Content that has no value to the reader is classed as thin content, and this is something that search engines really dislike. In addition to getting you penalized, it will also result in those that visit your website or blog deciding not to return because they found nothing of value on there. This is why you need to avoid thin content and instead get a professional content writer to create well-researched engaging content for you.

So, What Exactly is Thin Content?

The search engines have really wizened up to bad SEO practices over the years, and the use of thin content is something they frown upon. It is also something that can get you and your site penalized making it wasted time and effort on your part. If you have duplicate pages, pages with very little content on them, doorway pages, and low-quality affiliate pages, these would all be classed as thin content. Even producing content that is very similar to other content that is already online is seen as thin content so you have to be really careful.

On the other hand, what Google and the other search engines do like to see is sites that have regular fresh postings that are of high quality. This is something that could actually benefit you and your website when it comes to search engine rankings so it is something you need to take seriously. If you are not an experienced writer that can produce extremely high-quality content, this is something you should leave to the experts. This will save you the many problems that come from having low-quality thin content posted online.

What Your Content Needs to be Like to Please the Search Engines

There are certain things you have to bear in mind when it comes to producing high-quality content. The article or post needs to be very well researched, well written and engaging. It needs to provide value to the reader and not be stuffed with keywords for the sake of rankings. You also need to make sure it is not too short otherwise it will be picked up as thin content. As a minimum, you should aim for 300 words. However, even with shorter articles and posts of just a few hundred words, you need to make sure that the information is relevant and interesting.

By using the services of a professional content writer, you won’t need to worry about being penalized for having thin content. These professionals can provide you with high-quality blog posts, articles, and web content that is original and interesting for your readers.