10 Reasons Why List-Based Posts Act Like Click-Magnet

10 Reasons Why List-Based Posts Act Like Click-Magnet

List based posts tend to do better than any other content when it comes to click magnets. You yourself can probably attest to that. List based posts are fun, easy to read and you know exactly what you are getting into when you click.

With that said, let’s look at why list based posts are number one in reader’s hearts…

There are no surprises.

A list is a list and that’s that. It can be nothing else but a list. (Well, except a clicks magnet.) There’s no business jargon to get through and no worrying about what you will run into. People like to know what they are getting and don’t like to be tricked.

Lists are skimming friendly.

No one typically reads list in its entirety. Lists are made to be skimmed – not read word for word. That’s why it is such a good idea to keep lists short and sweet to keep your readers coming back for more.

They are easy to read.

No one uses Shakespearean level writing to write top ten lists. Lists were made to be easy to read. Make your writing as easy to follow as possible and don’t forget as digestible as possible. Avoid long-winded writing that drives your audience to another simpler source.

They are opinion magnets.

Think about it. A list of ten items gives your readers ten things to agree about or disagree about… and they will – beneath your article. This not only brings activity to you blog, but creates potential followers that you didn’t have before. Win/win.

It’s fast.

Lists are so powerful because people want to learn faster. So you will have plenty of people on board to read through your list. However, not all lists are accurate online. You can fill a gap in the market in this way and become an authority on your niche if you source your information and always be sure that your lists are accurate.

They play into human nature.

People like organization… and if people organize information for them… hey, even better. It’s just human nature. Go with it.

You can choose education or entertainment.

There are only two types of lists out there. Those that fill your brain with educational information and those that fill your head with pop culture news. There really is not any in between right now. It doesn’t really matter what subject you choose as long as you keep it simple.

They are sharable.

If an article has any value, someone will eventually share it. Value comes from how much someone has learned or how many laughs they took away from the article. Remember to think outside the box here as “This List Sucks” versions have faired well on Reddit, Buzzfeed and Digg. When done right these can take you far.

One word… pagination.

Ugh. I hate it when I have to get all technical on you but lists can be technical if you want them to be. CPM focused publishers will usually break these lists into constituent parts. Each point will appear on a different page. A top ten list provides the company with ten pages of impressions. Unnecessary? Yep. But in case you needed to know… there you go.

Use amazing adjectives.

In other words don’t let your title be a snooze-fest that no one wants to attend. Insert an adjective into your title to grab the attention of your readers. For instance, don’t say “Ten facts about extinct mammals” say “Ten MIND BLOWING facts about extinct animals.” Instead of “Ten facts on growing your business.” Say “Ten Miss-It-And-Go-Out-Of-Business facts on growing your business.” Go for the shock factor in your title and you will have followers in no time. (Ok – we know that last one wasn’t an official adjective but sometimes you have to get creative. You know?)

List based posts can help you to gain more followers and get feedback that you would not normally get from official articles. Even if you don’t have a business that makes you think of “top ten lists”, there is something out there that you can cover that will help you get clicks and gain more readers as time goes by. Something that will still have something to do with your business. Rest assured, when you take the time to run a top ten list… you will get more hits than you are used to… and even a couple more hits can be worth their weight in gold if you interest the right person who will pass your list along.